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Hi. I have a Panasonic DMR EX768 DVD player/hard disk recorder

Resolved Question:

Hi. I have a Panasonic DMR EX768 DVD player/hard disk recorder and SA BT200 Blu-ray player. When I have both switched on, the remote controls sometimes operate the wrong device - for example, if I pause live TV through the hard disk recorder, and then press play, instead of playing the TV it switches on the Blu-ray player (which then causes the TV to switch to a different channel!). Is there any way of reprogramming the remotes/units so that this doesn't happen - at the moment I have to have one unplugged all the time, which means I can't record on the hard disk if I'm watching a DVD on the blu-ray player. Also, when I have the hard dick recorder programmed to record on series link, we have problems playing some DVD's. Is there a cure for this too?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  James replied 6 years ago.
Hi There,

This is a relatively easy issue to fix, please find the instructions below, for changing the remote code of your DMR EX768 player, be sure to change to a different remote code, DVD 2 or 3 probably and this issue will disappear:


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