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Craig, Electrical/ Electronic Technician
Category: Consumer Electronics
Satisfied Customers: 4529
Experience:  33 years troubleshooting electronic and electrical control systems for all types of equipment.
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My Sentry safe won't open with the combination

Customer Question

I can not open my Sentry safe after I enter the combination. It has an electronic lock.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Craig replied 7 years ago.

If you do not get the green light, the number is ***** correct that you are entering. If the key pad goes green light, it's the batteries are too weak to open the pin for the door handle to open the main door bolt. The program button is for using a personal 'Pin Number' that you want, it's not for the regular factory code.

Just enter you factory code without using the program button. This will open the door with the original code.

Program button is only for programming a personal code number that is different from the factory code.

Make sure the handle is all the way up in the horizontal position

Customer :
I tried that and it didn't work. I also put new batteries in. Still didn't work

Craig :
Does the light turn green to proceed?

Customer :
Ihave these number from a sticker on the door csw47477bo427441

Craig :
That is not the factory code that you have for the safe. That is the model and serial number.

Customer :
No my screen has an ***** *****ght

Craig :
Do you have the original code that came with the safe? Have you ever opened the door?

The ***** *****ght means low battery

Customer :
Yes Yes many times

Craig :
Have you got new batteries? Do you have new batteries? It's low batteries.. The ***** *****ght means low batteries. Do yo know how to get the old ones out?

Customer :
I just put in new ones I will change them again

Craig :
Make sure they are in right

Customer :
Changed batteries light still amber. I don't remember the light ever being green.

Craig :
Check the batteries to make sure they are fresh, how long have you had them? The ***** *****ght is telling you that they are bad. That's why it won't open. Buy new 'Duracell batteries'

Customer :
They are less than a year old

Craig :
I understand but they are low, that's what is wrong, trust me, get new Duracell and try it. The light is sensing low voltage on the batteries and that's why it won't take the code.

Customer :

Craig :
Make sure you put them in correctly, facing the right way. Did you check that? One battery could be backwards and cause this.

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