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Hi, I recently got a used Marantz SR9000G receiver. It seemed

Resolved Question:

Hi, I recently got a used Marantz SR9000G receiver. It seemed to work for a few days then the on off button would not stay on.
So I taped it in the on position. Then a few days later it had been playing a cd in the Aux. for more than an hour , and It made some very loud popping sounds, and I turned it off. My questions are .Would A clean and lube posibably fix the on-off switch. What would make these very loud, louder than the volume was turned to, poping sounds, it scared me.Thank you and awaiting your reply, XXXXX XXXXX.XXX@XXXXXX.XXX.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Robotek replied 7 years ago.

G'Day John


From what you describe to me here, it sounds very much like the power switch has failing contacts. I have replaced several of these in the past as a Marantz Service agent. If there were to be intermittent connectivity through the power switch, you may well get pops from the amp as it connects/disconnects or arcs across the contacts.


If you are happy with leaving the amp on all the time(as you have been with the switch taped in), then a local tech to you could easily jump the contacts of the switch for you. I never turn my amp off... been like that for nearly 10 years. I think they actually last longer if you dont put them through through heating cooling cycles from power on/off. Replacing it is not a difficult job, you may have to wait for a short time for him get the switch in for you. If I recall correctly, they are fairly common type so he may be able to get one easily. if not, just jumper it. It may be an old amp... but is considered collectible by many these days. They don't make em the way they used ta :)


Happy to answer any questions that you may have about this. Please hit the ACCEPT button if I have answered your question. Cheers




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