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My Roland D20 wont boot up. Screen comes on with Roland D20

Resolved Question:

My Roland D20 won't boot up. Screen comes on with 'Roland D20 Synthesizer' and goes no further with no LEDs lighting up. Factory reset (TUNE/FUNCTION + WRITE power on) results in display of 'Now initializing' for a few seconds then reverts to 'Roland D20 Synthesizer' with no further progress. Any ideas? Thanks. XXXXX
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  iMayne replied 7 years ago.

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Try disconnecting the floppy drive. If when disconnected floppy does not work then you have a damaged circuit board.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm sorry but I don't understand. If I disconnect the floppy drive, then surely the floppy won't work anyway. Do you mean: if when the floppy drive is disconnected the D20 does not work then I have a damaged circuit board? If the D20 does fire up after disconnection of the floppy drive, is that because the floppy drive might be faulty or is there some history of developed incompatibilty in this keyboard? Thanks.
Expert:  iMayne replied 7 years ago.
Your floppy drive may caused the issue. Try disconnecting the floppy drive and turn back on the unit.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have disconnected the floppy drive. No change. Took out back up battery and left overnight. Next morning, keyboard fired up instantly and I was able to play and get sound. Soon after, however, stopped working again. After a few switch ons and offs I got the message 'sequencer RAM error'. Now getting start up screen only again.
Expert:  iMayne replied 7 years ago.
Sorry for the late reply.

This issue may need hands-on diagnostics which cannot be done remotely. But likley your circuit board has a fault with one or more smt components. Also you may need to get it replaced or have a technician look at it. They may find the fault and replace the device with a new / used one.

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