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Panasonic dvd hard drive video recorder model DMR-E85H has

Resolved Question:

Panasonic dvd hard drive video recorder model DMR-E85H has stopped burning to dvd-r disk. I can still record from the tv and play a pre-recorded disk. When I try to burn a disk it either fails to complete or fails at the finalising stage. It clicks off and goes into self-check mode. I have used a lens cleaning disk so I guess it's not the eye of the laser. My question is, with a machine this old, is it likely the problem cannot be fixed, or fixed without much time and expense? Has the hdd just worn out, and should I just cut my losses and buy a new one?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Aric replied 7 years ago.

Hello, It is likely more cost-effective to purchase a new model (as is the case with most electronics these days except for $2,000 plasmas). There is a repair service available on Ebay, where the seller offers a flat rate of $145 to fix these DVD recorders, and has various pricing on other issues repaired on them as well. The unit could possibly need a new lens assembly, alignment and maybe even a new HDD. The only issue with repairing it is once you put said amount of money into it, something else may fail and you're not covered under any sort of warranty. In my opinion, it's best to purchase a new unit.


It would not hurt to send an inquiry to this seller descirbing your specific problem, and asking him for an estimate just to see for yourself.*I8&GUID=77ae432f1260a0e202e3aac3ff783dda&itemid=360256478926&ff4=263602_263622



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