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Dan, Master Tech and Repair Facility Trainer
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Experience:  USAF trained; A.A.S Electronics; A.A.S. Education; Currently teaching advanced troubleshooting and repair for the DoD.
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My Vizio TV has a vertical line on the left side of the screen.Is

Resolved Question:

My Vizio TV has a vertical line on the left side of the screen.Is there anything I can do to try to fix it.If not where can I get it fixed in my area? I live in Spencer ,WI 54479.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Dan replied 7 years ago.
Hi and thanks for using JustAnswer!

The other experts and I are working on your issue, but first it would help us to know what color the line is. Also, how thick is it? Is it there on all inputs (i.e., TV, DVD, game console, etc.)?

Please advise and we can proceed.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Dear Expert,


There is one green line and two yellow lines (all very close together) and they are thin like they were drawn with a pencil.

Expert:  Dan replied 7 years ago.

One of three things has happened:

First, your LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) cable is loose or has malfunctioned. This is the cable that connects your Tcon (timing controller) board to your LCD panel. This can be checked easily... but you will need to gain access to the inside of your unit. It is the ribbon cable that connects directly to your panel (the screen). Ensure it is firmly connected. Beware: TVs can harbor kilovolts even when unplugged from the wall... this can kill you if you are not extremely careful.

Second, your Tcon board may have a malfunctioned. It hasn't gone out completely, or else your entire screen would be filled with the lines (or the whole screen would be white). Perhaps a faulty capacitor... we wouldn't know unless you have a multimeter and some electronics in your background and can check =)

Third, the 12-16 VDC power supply output may be failing or may have malfunctioned. This is the output that supplies voltage to the Tcon board.

Everything works together =)

Vizio requires that you call them to setup a service appointment or shipment... so I cannot locate a service center for you, I'm sorry. However, their phone number is XXXXX so you can call them directly.

I hope I have been of assistance. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you, and thanks again for using JustAnswer!

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