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When I insert any disc into my PS3 there is a clunking noise

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When I insert any disc into my PS3 there is a clunking noise and it won't read the disc. The PS3 operates as if there were no disc in the slot. It ejects fine. Any suggestions?
Hello, and thank you for submitting your question! I'd love to help you with this today!

Now, it makes a "clunking" noise when you insert any disc, and nothing comes up under the "game" menu? I assume it does everything else alright, so it sounds like something in the disc-acceptor mechanics is out of alignment or a gear has a couple stripped teeth.

To be sure this isn't an alignment issue, there is a manual ejection method where you can actually turn the gearing inside. You will need to eject any discs in the system, unplug it, and set it upside-down in front of you. Then, you will need to get a smaller Phillips screwdriver that is at least 2" long. Don't worry, nothing you're doing here is voiding your warranty; this console was made with this feature for reasons like this.

Now, there is a rectangular "cut-out" area about 1/2" tall and 2" wide that you need to pop out. Below is a picture of that area:
PS3 Underside

Now you'll notice a blue screw there; we're going to leave that alone because its for the HDD. What you'll want to do is pop that tab cover all the way off, and there will be a hole where it was covering before.

You may not see it, but there's a screw down there you turn. Most of them come with a little paper dust cover that you'll have to punch a hole in to get to the screw, and again, this WILL NOT void your warranty.

Now once you get the screwdriver down there, you'll need to turn it counter-clockwise (lefty-loosey) several times. For a full rotation of the gears, you'll have to make 10-15 complete turns.

If everything feels and sounds smooth, then you should be good to go! If you hear or feel a clicking or grinding, however, this would need to have the disc drive replaced. If you've had it less than one year and you still have the store receipt, this will be covered under your warranty and Sony will repair it for free. If you don't have your receipt and you purchased it from GameStop, EBToys or EBGames, set it up for service online and call GameStop corporate headquarters to have them fax Sony a receipt.

If you have additional questions or want to send it in for repair, you can call Playstation directly at (800)(NNN) NNN-NNNN/strong>, or you can setup service online by going to their online setup page. >>Click here to go to the online service page<<
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