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I have a kenwood VR405 surround sound system and I have forgotten

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I have a kenwood VR405 surround sound system and I have forgotten how to hook it up with the sub woofer too. Please help me .
What components do you have to connect to it (please list the models and brands too)?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I only have the audio and vedio cables the red,white, and yellow ones. I don't know what I need. The serial number is XXXXX Model kenwood vr-405
What components (not cables) do you want to connect to it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I need to hook up my wide screen tv it is a phillips Magnovox

Okay, all you need to get Audio from the TV to your Kenwood receiver is the Red and White cables, running out of the "Audio Output" jacks of your TV to one of the Video, Cable, or Aux. inputs on your Kenwood receiver. Go into the TV's menu under "Audio" and make sure that "External speakers", or " Fixed Volume Output" are selected to send the signal out to the Kenwood. Of course plug the speakers into their respective terminals on the Kenwood as well as the subwoofer, and select, the input that you plugged into on the Kenwood's Input selector to process the audio.





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
On the back of the subwoofer is the terminals that read output (right/left ) and input (right/left ) it looks as if you can stick speaker wires in them. But on the back of the kenwood receiver where it say subwoofer it it a cable like plug in set up. How do I get it to work also? The numbers on the back of the subwoofer are KS-203 HT the serial number is XXXXX

The back of the subwoofer has no line-level (plug-style input) at all? If not, the run wires from the subwoofer Input Left and Right terminals to the main speaker outputs along with the main left and right speakers in your setup.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Help, I can't get the back speakers ( Surround sound ) to work the front and center speakers work fine.

The rear speakers might not have any content in what you're listening to. Try going into the sound fields and select "simulated" or "Hall" or one of the other modes besides Dolby Surround. See if the rear speakers come on in one of the other modes. The rears only play a small portion of the audio, so it's possible there's nothing for them to play in the mode that you're in.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have three settings on my kenwood receiver they are dolby digital, pro logic, and 3-stereo.The back speakers want work in either mode the dolby digital want work at all even with the front and center speakers.

Okay, you need to use a different style of connection to get Dolby Digital to work (this could be why the surrounds don't work either). Does your TV have a Digital Audio Output, or an Optical Output jack on it anywhere? If so, you need to use that connection to get true Dolby Digital Surround sound. I did'nt recommend it because you stated you only had RCA yellow, red and white cables. Here is the link to the manual for your Kenwood, use one of the digital Audio connections I mentioned above and then set the input setting on the kenwood to digital. It's all in the manual:


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This tv does not have a optical output connection it does have a S-cable hook up do you think it might work?

Hello, No the S cable is for Video only- not for the Audio. Does the TV have a "Digital Coaxial" Audio jack (a.k.a. SPDIF)? If not, then you'll need to connect a cable box or other device that has a Digital output to get the Kenwood to play in Dolby Digital as the TV is strictly analogue and cannot send the right signal to decode.






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