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Model # F31700GG Chassis CTC169JS5. Having startup problems.

Resolved Question:

Model # XXXXX Chassis: CTC169JS5. Having startup problems. For a while now anytime the electricty goes off or we unplug it seems to take longer each time before it will turn on. Plug - unplug - hold your breath - it powers up. Not now any help.
Thank you in advance,
CJ Joyce
[email protected]
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  techguy replied 7 years ago.

Try to keep it on an unswitched outlet, and don't unplug it unless necessary.


The new cable programming, on-demand features,etc., is putting electronic equipment through its' paces.


RCA tv's, over the years, have always had an autoprogramming feature that was necessary to receive all channels when a power loss has ocurred. What you have to keep waiting for is this auto

feature to fully execute because of power loss at the outlet, i.e., unplugging, switching

off power to plug. Hope I've helped.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

My apologies maybe I did not explain clearly. It does not seem like the power is getting to the TV. When you hit the ON button -no click or sound and no on light. It seems like a inline type switch/breaker is off and it takes time, sometimes days, before it "resets" and allows power back on when you press the ON button. This has happened 5 or more times and when it powers up everything works until the electricity is disrupted again. But this time no go. What would act like it needs to reset to allow power to the TV?


Thanks again


Expert:  techguy replied 7 years ago.

I wouldn't really know, not seeing what's happening.


Try and see if someone can tug or pull or twist the cord while you're cycling the power button on the remote on and off in continuious succession.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have already done the obvious and checked to see if there was AC to TV. My question would have to do with the resetting or recycleing of "something" before it will power up again. What would make it work like this 5+times and come on and work fine until the electricity was disrupted. Possibly the micro ON switch, a inline breaker? Something is not allowing it to power up until it "resets/recycles". What would you guess is causing this or a place to start looking?


Expert:  techguy replied 7 years ago.

There's about a 12-volt micro relay on the power input board.


When this gets dirty inside, the contacts start to pit.


Could you possibly take the cover off and try and see if this clicks on and off?


If it doesn't resond properly, that, or the associated circuitry may be at fault.

Also, wipe the insides out while you're inside the TV with power unplugged.

Edited by techguy122 on 10/31/2009 at 3:10 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry about the delay, we got word that they were taking my Dad to the hospital and we had to leave town asap.

I took the back off and replaced the 125v 5 amp fuse, just to make sure. Still nothing. I blew it out with a can of air, plug and unplugged into back several times, nothing. One more try and it came ON. I have turned it on and off 6 times now and it works. Go figure, I am now officially bonkers!

Please explain the 12v micro relay and I will pull it and clean it or replace in case that is it and it just happened to make contact....again until next time.

If you think I will have to eventually take it to a repairman, please give me your best explanation so I will have some idea of what is happening and I won't get soaked.

Thanks again and I will press the accept button



Expert:  techguy replied 7 years ago.

Hope things stabilize with your Dad; I've been through it.


You stumbled on a stroke of genius when you did the canned air!


That was going to be my next suggestion. Now, use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe all surfaces, carefully, after you do all the circuitry with the air. Sometimes, when the dust gets too thick, it starts tripping protectors because of fire safety, ventilation, etc.


Hope this helps. You don't need any further expenses now, or ever!



techguy and 2 other Consumer Electronics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Well the solution was short lived. When I unplugged to put the back on I decided to try it once more. NO power up again. I carefully cleaned all as you suggested with compressed air and waited overnight and tried again....NO GO.

So I will ask you again to explain concerning the 12-volt micro relay and the pitting along with your best guess at what may be happening so I don't get soaked when I take it in for repairs. Unless you have some suggestions?


Thank you in advance,


Expert:  techguy replied 7 years ago.

Ok, let's get serious, here. If you are handy with soldering/desoldering, can you remove the relay from the board? If not, try getting a hold of a voltmeter, and looking to see what you're getting out of the relay. Try at least 100 volt scale AC, then DC if you get no reading.


If you don't get any sort of dependable reading on the output, the relay's toast.


Please let me continue with the if you can solder: take relay out, if you can find an at least 6-10 volt power source to put across the coil, where you'll find a short with your meter, with that intact, measure across the output contacts; they should be normally open at rest, then make a nice closure when you trip the coil.


I really hope something helps here!