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no input is detected from the Hitachi 380 W 2000 Lumens projector

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no input is detected from the Hitachi 380 W 2000 Lumens projector RGB1. Manual says to use RGB cable but I am using a VGA cable-the pins fit snug and no problem with connection as far as i can tell. can not get the projector to detected input when pressing input button
GreetingsCustomer can you re-check your model number? It appears that you may have listed the wattage consumption and the lumen output of the projector.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The model number is XXXXX xga

The manual says to use a rgb cable but I am using a vga and it is connected tight


OK, let's see if I have the right model. The only information that comes close to this designation is a CP-X380W. Is this number listed on your machine?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes sorry i misunderstood my computer is a hp about a year old. The projector is used. It works fine, just doesn't want to connect the input from the projector to the computer. Both ends fit snug; brand new vga cable
Is this a new situation? Has it worked this way before?

Other inputs such as the composite video or S-Video connections function?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I don't know, I just bought it used --big mistake! I don't have a S-video to test and I don't know what a composite video is. I could try to see if it works on my TV--I have the red, white, yellow cables, can I connect those to the projector and tv and then see if that works? If so, what are the cables refered to as Audio In, Video In?
You may be better off conecting to a DVD player or VCR if you have one. All you need to use is the RCA-type phono connection to the Video Input of the projector.

Do you have the manual (owner and/or service) for this projector?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, I have the manual. What is the RCA-type phone connection? Is that the s video or the white & yellow and red component--
On the back of the projector, just to the left of the S-VIDEO IN connector, is the VIDEO IN. This uses a cable that looks just like an audio cable for the Left/Right Audio In.

Click here=> RCA connector example

What is the model of HP computer you have? What operating system (XP, Vista)?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

HP 6700 Notebook

Vista Home Serive Pack

If I connect the video in (projector) to video out of DVD; correct? What color is the video (yellow, white, or red)?


Yes, Video Out of the DVD to Video In of the projector. The color does not matter provided it is the same color on both ends. Traditionally, Yellow is for Video, Red and White are for Right and Left Audio.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

it worked--so do you think it is the computer or the VGA cable is bad (it is brand new). They said the VGA is the same as the RGB cable. What other type of cable can I try with my computer? I have a S-video in on the computer; but i don't have the the red, white or yellow outlets on the computer. Question--do I get charged the $17.00 no matter how long this takes or until we decide on a conclusion?


Let's see, 10 replies times $17 equals..........sorry, just kidding. You only pay for an accepted answer once and since all I have done so far is ask questions of you, the only thing that has cost you so far is the deposit, which is refundable if required. Even if I provide an answer, if you feel it is of no help to you, you still don't have to accept it. The only time a Question/ Answer session costs more than what you originally designated for the question, is if you decide to award a Bonus payment.

So, back to the projector. What I need is to know what model HP computer you have and what the operating system is.

After you reply back, I need you to shut everything off and connect the VGA (RGB is the same thing) cable between the projector and the computer. Turn on the projector and select the RGB1 or RGB2 input that you have the cable connected to. Then turn on the computer and wait for me to respond with more instructions.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ha HA--your funny and very nice too :) I did answer that question before..HP 6700 Notebook, Vista Home Service Pack #1. Ok, I will do as you have stated, I just hope I can find you again?


Oops, I missed that one. You should be able to sign back in to your account anytime. I have had people reply back after several months.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i am back and task is completed


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am back did you get that?
Great, now as long as the projector is set for the right input, on the computer press and hold the Fn key (lower left) then press the F4 key once. Let me know if anything happens on the projector.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
YEAH!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I assume I can connect my speakers directly to the computer and by pass the projector; correct? How do I keep the screen on the laptop and the screen? Also, what connectors do I need to have the computer talk to computer and then display on the TV and what cables do I need to connect the computer to the TV? Is that more than (1) question---Sara
LOL, let's see if I can seperate out each question.

  • Yes, you can connect directly to the computer for sound.
  • In order to display on both the laptop and the projector you will need to locate the setting in the Display Settings of your laptop for dual display or clone mode.
  • You will need to clarify the computer to computer reference.
  • Connecting to the TV depends on the model TV you have.

Dan and 3 other Consumer Electronics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
1. Is this information saved under my profile or should I print screen to keep the info your have shared?
2. Now I am confused (ha ha), Let's say I am at someone's house and I want to show an online presentation on their TV (using the TV as the monitor); what type of connectors do I need to purchase?
To use a TV as a computer monitor depends entirely on the TV. Computer to TV connections can be one of 4 ways, HDMI, VGA, Composite Video and S-Video. It depends on the laptop options and whether or not the TV will accept a computer generated signal. If a laptop has HDMI, only some TV's will work, even if they have an HDMI connector. If the TV has a dedicated VGA connector, then that will work the same as the projector. If your laptop has an S-Video or Composite Video output connector, then connecting that to the TV using the appropriate cable will work, although not very well. VGA (RGB) is the best quality.

Thanks for the accept (and bonus). If you need more information, let me know.


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