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Rod, Systems Engineer
Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  FCC Commercial Licenses, BSCS, ASEET, 40+years Electronics & Communication Systems
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how do i change my code for my safe

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how do i change my code for my safe?

Hello & Welcome,


Can I assume that you have the current code for the safe?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes i do.. it comes with a standard code but want to change it..

You will need the original manual that came with the safe to reset your 5-digit code. On the front of the manual is the default factory code. To change your code you will need to delete the code you have programmed by:

To delete:
1. Press the Prog key.
2. Enter the 5-digit factory code twice.

Then, set up your new code by:

1. Press the Prog key , then enter the 5-digit factory code.
2. Enter the 5-digit user code of your choice.

For sanity and security - do this with the door open.


Hi again,


Let me give you a link to the owner's manual so that you will have that. This is a PDF file that you can save on your computer and print it out. Just right-click on the link and save it to a location where you can find it (like your desktop).


Owner's manual


Once you get that document, take a look at page 2 (of the PDF. It says page 1 at the bottom of the page if you print it out) on how to change the codes.


The basics are to use the factory code to be able to program in a new code.


Please let me know how this works out for you or if you have more questions.


Take Care, Greg A.



I appears that there may have been a situation that allowed two experts to post an answer, so please accept Rod's answer if it works for you, instead of mine.


Thanks, XXXXX

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Havent accepted it because it wasnt what i was looking for.. my question was how do i erase the code that my safe came with and put in a new one.. and cant seem to erase the default code it still works?? can you help me??

You cannot change the factory code, it is burned into firmware. The only way to change the factory code is send the unit (circuit board) to the factory to have the code changed.

The factory code is your fail-safe, in the event you loose or forget your personal code or something happens to you and a family member may need access to the safe. The factory keeps records based on the serial number - its quite extensive to get the code from them (proof of ownership, purchase documents, court order, etc) - so it is safe.

If you are concerned that another safe of the same make and model would have your combination, that is not likely with 6 digits using 0-9, the possibilities are 1,000,000 different combinations.

Rod, Systems Engineer
Satisfied Customers: 4501
Experience: FCC Commercial Licenses, BSCS, ASEET, 40+years Electronics & Communication Systems
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks for your help!! just wanted to change the original code it came wit...