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G.E. Adams
G.E. Adams, Engineer
Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  1986-1996 Electronics Technician and Instructor, US Navy 1996-2009 DC Power Applications Engineer
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I just bought a panasonic SB-WA930 active subwoofer at a yard

Customer Question

I just bought a panasonic SB-WA930 active subwoofer at a yard sale for $50. It shows power in the front light but cant get to it to work. Is there a certain way to hook it up.I havent ever heard of a ACTIVE subwoofer(I never ownwed a home sub before so I am preaty dumb founded) or did I get riped of? I would have given up if I at least heard the speakers blown,but it dont make a sound. Please help and thanks.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  G.E. Adams replied 8 years ago.
Hi reclined,

This is a link to a manual for a system that used your subwoofer.
Page 10 shows Subwoofer hookup diagram.

Please note this manual is for several similar systems the one relevant to your subwoofer is the HT-930. I'm just pointing this out because at the bottom of page 10, there is this note:

=[HT930] [HT933] Even though the subwoofer shown is different, you can connect the speakers to the subwoofer in the same way.

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