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Forgot user code for Napco Gemini computerized security system

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I forgot my user code for my Napco Gemini security system - model LA 1474 a, and I cannot stop the alarm from sounding.

Do you know where the main panel is?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I know where the main panel is. I removed the battery and the power supply, that's the only way I could stop the alarm from sounding. I waited 24 hours thinking perhaps the unit would reset itself, but no luck. The alarm continued to sound. There must be a way to reset the system, perhaps by jumping a certain two terminals in the main panel. Thanks for your help!

Yes you are correct. I have all the Napco manuals but I don't recognize the model # you originally gave. Is there a model # inside the main panel?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The number I gave you is on the outside of the main panel. On the inside of the panel and on the PC board is another number: Gem-P800.

I hope this helps!

In order to change the user code you will have to enter dealer program mode. This will only work if whoever installed the panel left the dealer code default. The default code for that panel is 4567. If that is not the code let me know who installed it and I might be able to find some dealer codes for you.
In order to enter dealer programming..
First press function then 8 then 4 5 6 7 then the on/off button.
You will be able to tell you are in dealer programming because the armed light will be on and the trouble light will be flashing.
Once in dealer programming you will have to navigate to the user code section.
First press the reset button, then press 9 5, then enter the 4 digit user code you want to use.
Now to exit programming press reset, then function, then 8 then 4567 then on/off. That should do it.
If you cannot get into programming, reply back and I will advise.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It did not work. Evidently I was not in dealer programming mode because although the armed light was on, the trouble light was not flashing, it was just lit. (burning steadily)


Unfortunately without defaulting the entire panel we must know that dealer code. You can call this company and ask them what the code is. Since it is your panel you have that right. I was an alarm installer for about 5 years and ran into this thing all the time. You might even be able to get someone there to walk you through changing it step by step. Since it is not a company like Brinks or ADT I do not have a code for them.
I would start by trying to get the dealer code from them and then see where we are at.

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