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Richard Finney
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my garmin nuvi will turn on but then powers down after about

Resolved Question:

my garmin nuvi will turn on but then powers down after about 3 seconds. it does this when plugged into my car
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Richard Finney replied 8 years ago.


My name isXXXXX to graphic


I would like to help resolve the problem for you




Could I check which Model of Nuvi you have please ? ie: C330, 200W





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
nuvi 660
Expert:  Richard Finney replied 8 years ago.








I think it could be your fuse that is in the Ciggy lighter connection, check the fuse is good, if the fuse is good, check your ciggy burner works in the car too, it could be the car's fuse too.


Also press the reset behind the Antenna, this may be a glitch and just needs a reset,





Let me know if the fuse is ok, to further assist, if needed.



All the best



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
have used the reset several times. doesn't help. the cig lighter in my car is fine -powers my cell. I have charged the unit without the cig lighter and it still turns off. before it turns off I get into the screens and it shows the battery is half charged. then it turns off. weird
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i think I replied. did you get?

cig lighter is fine. it charges my cell

unit powers down even when charged. I know b/c I get to the screen showing half the battery charged. it will even go to the "acquiring sat." page, then it shuts off.

Expert:  Richard Finney replied 8 years ago.





Sounds like you have a battery problem, as it is not holding a charge, or performing how it should.


How old is it please ?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

got if for xmas in dec 2007

Expert:  Richard Finney replied 8 years ago.





They are known for the batteries going after 2/3 years, but it is usually the street pilots, not this model,


Your only option is to have the battery swapped out, before you change the battery, try to let it totally drain of power first, then see how it is, when charged again,


or factory restore it,

hold your finger on the lower right corner of the screen, while turning it on, the keep pressing the lower corner, till the message clear all data appears, this will erase all data, you will have to re-register it and re-update it after this,


This may cure it for you,


if not let the battery drain, try again, if no success then, it will need the battery replacing inside it, Garmin will do this for you


If you have any question's please ask.


Hope this helps




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