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James W
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i have alot of static in my cb radio. i have a cobra 29 LTD

Customer Question

i have alot of static in my cb radio. i have a cobra 29 LTD BT i have the radio power cables grounded to the door of my chevy blazer and the hotwire to a 15a fuse which powers my radio. i have the recommended cb antenna coax length of 18 ft and it is not cresed anywhere. my antenna is a 2' 500 watt standard mirror mount antenna. how do i remove the static from the radio? ive adjusted the squelch and RF gain but to no success, i either loose all audio together or its static covering peoples voices. how do i remove this "white noise" over peoples voices??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Brandon replied 8 years ago.

Hi sorry about your problem


adjust the squelch till to the point that it dosent have static try that tell me what happens

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yea i did that already, then i cant hear anyone what so ever no matter how close they are. i dont know imma go to a cb shop here in town and let him look at the setup. thanks.
Expert:  James W replied 8 years ago.

does the noise change with the speed of the engine or is it a constant static?


Do this test..


Turn everything on with the motor running and so that you can hear the noise loud and clear.


Then un screw the CB antenna..


Does the noise go away, or is it still present..


It the noise goes away, then you have a much harder problem to solve.


It either the problem is in your antenna or in the car..


It may have bad plugs or plug wires.It is receievin gthe enterference through the antenna.


If the noise is still present without the Antenna, then the noise is coming through the power..


Depending on what kind of noise it is will determing what kind or filter you need.


An alternator whine changes with the speed of the engine and is high pitched.



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