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I have a Denon AV surround receiver AVR-2308CI and when I push

Customer Question

I have a Denon AV surround receiver AVR-2308CI and when I push the ON button it turns green like it is going to turn on then it turns to a flashing red. Any Ideas??? thanks for the help Customer
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Robotek replied 8 years ago.
G'day Tracey.

I am Graeme, thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.

Your Denon AVR receiver carries a 2 year warranty. How long have you had the amp?

Generally, when sound dissappears from an amplifier, the front panel light flashes, or it wont turn on, you will find that there is a fault condition occurring that is causing the amp to either shut the power supply down, or disconnecting the speakers to protect them from damage.

There are some external faults that cause this problem, here and some tests you can do to work out the problem.

First thing to do is power down the amp by disconnecting at the wall socket for 30 mins to allow for a full hardware reset of the internal electronics, microprocessors, and firmware used to control the amp.

Second, if the hard reset does not change anything, then carefully inspect of all the speaker wires for damage, chaffs, frayed ends that may be shorting out at the amplifier or the speakers.

Third, if you find no problem with the wiring, turn on the amp and listen for a click of the speaker relay(s) engaging. If you do not hear this click a moment after turn on, then disconnect all speakers from the back of the amp and try again. If you then DO hear the speaker relay click, you may have a faulty speaker. Check each speaker by metering the wires at the back of the amp with an ohms meter. If you see any that are close to zero ohms, then there is a short in the speaker cables or speaker. They should measure close to the designated impedance on the back of the speaker box.

If the speakers and wiring are all fine, CHECK YOUR WARRANTY. Your Denon AVR receiver carries a 2 year warranty. How long have you had the amp? If you try to do repairs whilst it is under warranty you may void the warranty completely.

There will be an electronic failure in the amp. Most common cause of amps to stop here is dry solder joints in and about the output stages that cause the circuit to produce a DC voltage at the output, this in turn is being detected by the speaker protection circuit in the amp, result being the speaker protection relay does not allow the speakers to be connected.

If the problem is intermittent, and comes and goes, then this points to dry/cracked solder joints. It is generally output components, transistors and resistors that run hot in operation that develop failed soldering problems as the joints tend to crack from the heating and cooling from the on/off cycle.

If you have experience with electronic repair work, then you could pull the amp down and resolder the power stages. This is NOT an entry point repair, and even if you can solder well, would be an 8 out of 10 on the difficulty stage for a beginner.

Remember that there are mains potentials that can kill you ALWAYS DISCONNECT FROM MAINS SUPPLY WITH THE LIDS OFF. There are also DC potentials in high power amps that will give you a nasty shock, and some stages of the power supply may hold a charge that can be shorted out when you are working on the equipment, causing more damage than when you started.

If it appears that you have an internal electronic fault, then I strongly recommend contacting an authorised service center to help you sort it out. Dry solder joint problems can range in cost, expect at least $60-100 to repair. If an output stage has failed, the additional cost of parts and labour involved may double this price. Get a quote first. If you need assistance finding someone, let me know the city you live in and your zip/post code.

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Please hit the ACCEPT button to acknowledge my advice to you here. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Bonuses and positive feedback are also GREATLY APPRECIATED. Cheers.