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James W
James W, Senior Manager, Retail Electronics
Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  24 Years experience in Electronics as Manager of Retail Electronics. 30 Years Experience Computers.
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I have a Marantz ST-17 Tuner. The FN signals are fuzzy. No

Customer Question

I have a Marantz ST-17 Tuner. The FN signals are fuzzy. No improvement when I attach an amplified indoor aerial. Any suggestions.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  James W replied 8 years ago.

Get a length of speaker wire and fasten it up as an antenna.


does not need to be any longer than 15 feet.

Scrap wire is OK as long as it is not broken.


Split the two wires apart on the other end of the wire and take them in oposit directions kind of like a T Shape.


Get them up high and see how it does.


It may be that your amplified antenna has a problem.


I have found that this kind of antennaa often works better anyway.


Ugly but works and is a good test.





Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi James


Thank you for reply. Will try out and revert with outcome.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi James


No joy with your suggested solution. Same outcome as hooking up to amplified antenna. I am going to connect to cable antenna - if that doesn't work, it might suggest other internal problem with the unit.





Expert:  James W replied 8 years ago.

Has it Every worked properly in the past without being fuzzy (as long as you have had it).


Did it work properly in the past at its current location?


If it worked correctly in the past, but not in its current location, the last answer I have is to Change its location.


It may be getting interferrence from another appliance nearby or in the wall.

You may be able to hook it up to a surge supressor with line filtering and "have joy".. Smile


You might take it OUTSIDE of the building and try it there (still using the Speaker wire ant). (headphones are OK, speakers do not need to be outside unless it is a pool party).


If it WORKS Outside but Not inside, then it is STILL an antenna or location problem.


If the problem Improves AT ALL outside, then it is still an antenna or location problem.


If the problem does not improve outside, it is most likely an internal problem.


Note; (try MANY stations, not just a few).