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Kenwood UD-70 midi system has an error code Protect ony does

Customer Question

Kenwood UD-70 midi system has an error code 'Protect' ony does this when graphic is attached, when not attached don't get error but need graphic for CD/Tape connection. In the book it says it's a speaker short circuit problem, no speakers are connected, have also tried new speaker wire and also new speakers from other device, no joy.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Mahen replied 8 years ago.

thanks for your question.

System goes into protect mode when it detect a surge in voltage of power supply or some other short circuit..
It prevents few components from blowing but few capacitors and other ICs on circuit board must have gone bad.. it just tries to minimize the impact.

This means that the problem is with the circuit board.. I recommend a reset. Switch off and disconnect it from power supply/batteries. Also disconnect any other units connected to it. Leave this disconnected for 30 minutes. All the electric charges stored should drain out.. It should do a soft reset itself, then restart it.

You can try to open and clean it with a compressed air. The dirt could be causing it. Also look for loose connections inside the unit. Please take precaution while opening the unit as there might be high voltages present inside.

If this doesnt solve your problem then a component on circuit board will need replacement.. most likely capacitors have gone bad and cant hold charge anymore..If individual components are not available the whole circuit board will need replacement.
Opening up the unit will void the warranty. You can try to call manufacturer and see if they will take/repair the unit. or they will be able to give you a quote for repair. You can find the contact phone number in the manual..

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