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Do I need a memory card to use my new Garmin GPS system & what

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Do I need a memory card to use my new Garmin GPS system & what kind of battery does it use? And what is the little red disc for? The unit is the nuvi 205W series. I am obviously not knowledgeable when it comes to electronics . Will appreciate any help I can get to just get the thing mounted in my car!

You do not need a memory card to use it. The memory card is for storing routes and other information you may program into the unit. There is some memory (but limited) in the unit for this, but you can backup the unit and Points-of-Interests (addresses, etc) on the memory card, in the event you have to reset it and still want to save the information.

The battery is internal and not user replaceable (although some mechanical and electrical knowledge - it can be replaced by an end user). The battery is good for about 5 years - if you live in a hot area, take it out of the car during the day, unless you are parked in a garage - as excessive heat, will prematurely end the battery life.

While using it in the car, its best to keep the DC power cord attached an in use, disconnect when not driving. Short trips, you can just use the internal battery and not fuss with it.

The suction cup attachement is for mounting to your windshield, the little red disc (I've not seen one of those) may be an adhesive disk for permanent mounting - does it have "removable" covers on both sides? That would be for mounting on the dash, or front panel and not using the suction cups - designed for the windshield.

Instructions in the manual are pretty straight forward, just go through it once, practice once, then do it (Almost like cutting wood, measure twice then cut).

Do connect the unit to your computer and register with Garmin - they will back up your information and passwords.

I'm available for any followups related to this.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Armed with this knowledge, I am ready to go out & see if I can at least get the GPS mounted properly. I was not even aware that I could use the system without the power cord! You learn something new everyday & I really appreciate your help. Thank you. Mickey, CA
Hi Mickey,

Glad to help. Charge the battery fully before you use it without the power cord attached. It will take a few charges/discharges to "condition" the batteries. Also, make sure you register it with Garmin attached to your computer (for backups and potential theft recovery). Enjoy it - but keep your eyes on the road Wink

Feedback is greatly appreciated.