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How do I hook a Nintendo Wii to my Samsung 530 Series 5 1080p

Customer Question

How do I hook a Nintendo Wii to my Samsung 530 Series 5 1080p TV?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Richard Finney replied 8 years ago.




My name isXXXXX to Justanswer


I would like to help resolve the problem for you.


This is how to set up the WII


Decide where to place the WII, stood up or flat on it's feet, up to you.


Power cord in to WII and the mains (( leave the switch off for now ))


Connect the sensor bar to the WII, put this on the tv, to pick up the consoles

This must be pointing forward towards who is playing. (( long plastic thing with wire on ))


now connect the TV to the WII


Find the A / V cord (( one plug on one end ( WII ),

and 3 plugs for the TV on the other end )) (( RCA these are ))


RCA inputs for the TV are as follows.

yellow ---into video input

White ---into left input

Red ---into right input


You will have to setup which A / V port on the back of the TV you used,

(( on the games console when you start it up ))


Change the input on the tv for the same input you plugged the RCAs into
EG: A / V 1, A / V 2


Put a disc in your ready to go.


This is setup.











If you require any further information or clarification, I will gladly answer you, Please do not hesitate to ask me.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That is not the right way. My TV is a Samsung Series 530 LCD TV with 1080p, which has five outlets, not three. When I connected the Wii's component cable to the rear outlets of my TV and turned on the Wii, nothing happened. The Wii works fine, it is a matter of transmitting it to the TV set.
Expert:  Richard Finney replied 8 years ago.



Hi, sorry, you only have HDMI inputs.


The Wii Outputs an Analogue signal on SCART (RGB+Composite sync) or 3RCA (Component) using proprietary cables -


its likely that your HDTV has the required SCART or 3RCA Inputs so no real need to integrate the Wii with the Digital (HDMI) Input on your Display.

You can employ active conversion to get the Wii (Analogue) signal (Video + Audio) into your Digital (HDMI) socket - though its relatively expensive.



These are the components needed to use the WII on the TV