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why does the lg vx5500 cell phone not work with a replacement

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why does the lg vx5500 cell phone not work with a replacement battery?

I hope you got the right battery.
here is what you should have

Also you should try to let it charge for a while with a wall adapter.
See if there is anyhting on battery contact.. some dirt or papers??

Please Accept if helpful.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When I put a replacement battery in. (Not the battery that came with the phone) the screen says" powering down. use original battery" and then starts a 10 second count down and shuts off. I have bought batteries from two diffrent online stores. One battery is at 600mAh and the other is 700mAh both are 3.7VDC. I noticed the original battery is 1000mAh and also 3.7VDC. Those online stores say that the batteries that I ordered are replacements for the LG VX5500 but, i noticed on the battery it says replacement for L VX8350 and the batteries from the other place say replacement for VX8350. Are the refering to the phone model or the battery model?
thanks for your answer.
Now I can see the problem. LG phoes are programmed to not to accpet other batteries (because LG is also making money of them)..
also the current is different so you shouldnt try to put them in..
many people have this problem because online sellers mis represents themselves..

I think you should send back the batteries to the sellers. Everyone has a return policy. Ebay has a great policy for this.

I am afraid there is nothing you can do to make these batteries useful for your phone.

Please Accept.
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