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Using the Toshiba Disc recorder I encontered and error while

Customer Question

Using the Toshiba Disc recorder I encontered and error while trying to burn an Image file error read 060277-26-2a030c00    It happens when it starts theburn process, I made sure the unit supports the "DVD +R DL" and it does so that shouldnt have been an Issue. Im stumped; Please...any inof would be greatly apprecated.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Lancew561 replied 8 years ago.


Hello Seppo, this usually mean contact manufacturer for repair or unit firmware update for newer type disks. Since you probably have used the same kind of disks before this is not likely. It is more likely that since the laser needs more power to burn a disk than play a disk if it has a little film on it will not work.


Try my pro cleaning method which does not always work but is the first thing a technician would do if your unit was brought into a shop and always worth knowing for future use.


Remove screws from cover lid with unit unplugged. Get isopropyl alcohol 80-90% pure from say Walgreens. Original regular blue Windex works great also. With Q tip clean laser 1/4 inch diameter glass lens in circular motion and dry with other end. This cleans dust off laser and works much better than any cleaning disk. If cleaning laser lens does not fix the laser needs replacement. This works on any CD, DVD player and/or recorderAlways Best Wishes Lance..........

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