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I have a Toshiba DVD Player, Model SD-K760SU. The DVD tray

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I have a Toshiba DVD Player, Model SD-K760SU. The DVD tray is locked. Page 32 of the Owners Manual says to Press SETUP button on the remote, then press the number button 2005 to lock (or unlock) the tray. There is no button 2005 on the remote, and I cannot actuate any number buttons when the mode is in SETUP. This is the first time this has ever happened. The tray is definitely locked, as it won't open either by pressing the appropriate tray OPEN/CLOSE button on the front panel of the DVD player, or the OPEN/CLOSE button on the remote control. When the player is on, there is a NO sign on the player itself. When I press OPEN on the remote, I get consecutive signs of OPEN, LOAD (which flashes), then the NO sign again. I have unplugged the DVD player and replugged it, to no avail.

HiCustomer what they are talking about in the manual is to press setup then press 2,0,0,5 in that order, however, I do not think it is locked for that reason. Your unit appears to have a hardware fault internally. It sound like the motor for the door is bad or if it uses a belt to drive a gear, that may be slipping or broken. You may also try to unplug it, then plug it in and immediately press the eject button. If you are not comfortable taking it apart and looking for the motor that drives the tray, your only option may be to take it to a shop or buy a new one. Buying a new one may be the best option over having it repaired. If I have answered your question to your satisfaction, please click accept and feel free to ask follow-up questions as well. I hope I have been helpful.


Kind Regards,


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for your reply, Paul. I unplugged the unit, then replugged it, and pressed OPEN/CLOSE (there is no EJECT button on my model), as you suggested. It did nothing. I went to Toshiba's website. They suggest unplugging for 30 minutes, then replugging (in case a DVD were locked inside). I did that. This did no good, either.
A local Costco carries new Phillips DVD players for $50. So it isn't worth my time or expense to take the unit to a repairman. I figured I may as well open my unit (even though I didn't have a shop manual) - little to lose. I disconnected the drive and unscrewed it. Nothing was wrong that I could see. There are no belts, and the motor is OK. After I put it back together, it WORKS! Both from the buttons on the DVD player itself, as well as the remote. I don't know what happened, but perhaps in disconnecting the drive (electrical connection inside), I reset something. Anyway, for now, it works. It may go out again, but I feel more comfortable accessing the inside of the unit in that event.
Feel free to post my reply, because I know there are more than 20 others out there who have a similar problem with the DVD tray of their Toshiba players being locked.

Hello, thats great!! I hope it keeps working. If just taking it apart and putting back together fixed it, then yes it probably needed the connectors to be reseated. As a servicer, I hate when that happens because you know there was a problem and now you can't replicate it and don't know if it is fixed or will come back. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.


Best wishes and Happy Holiday,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I tried last night playing a DVD, and it worked. I honestly don't know why this problem occurred, but am delighted that the DVD player now works. Incidentally, the only way I know to lock the tray (in which the DVD sits) is to press SETUP, then 2-0-0-5. After taking the DVD player apart and reconnecting the motor, and finding that the tray was operational, I pressed SETUP, then the numbers 2-0-0-5 on the remote control, to see if the tray would lock again.   Sure enough, it was locked. To unlock, one is just supposed to repeat the procedure (according to the User Manual). However, I was unable to unlock the tray by repeating the above (pressing, on the remote control, SETUP, 2-0-0-5).
So I again disconnected the electrical plug from the motor to the circuit board, then reconnected it, and the tray then opened (from either the remote control or the unit itself).
I never purposely locked the tray from the remote, by the way. I do have a cleaning lady who is here weekly, but I doubt she would have locked it. It may just be a glitch that I hope does not recur.
Anyway, I was happy to have spent only what I paid you, rather than $50 for a new unit. I'm amazed that stores can sell these relatively complicated machines at that price. If this problem recurs, I will likely just discard this unit and buy another one. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!    Sam