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Russell H.
Russell H., Service Tech
Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
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My F-100 is playing two notes with one key. Also, various combinations

Customer Question

My F-100 is playing two notes with one key. Also, various combinations of keys are making weird noises.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question. That sounds as if keys are sticking to each other - or, something serious is wrong, in more than one spot, with the understructure of the keyboard.Or at worst, the tone generation chips may be going bad, which would be a fairly expensive repair. Has anything been spilled on the keyboard, has the keyboard gotten wet, etc.?How old is the F-100 in question?Has it been stored in an overly humid environment, or one where there was dust, or where temperatures went down below 40 degrees F. or above 95 degrees F.?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This is my son's keyboard and it is about six years old. He said the keys are not sticking; it's just behaving erratically. After a recent gig, he did store it for a few weeks on the floor of a dry basement where there was some dust, but stable temperatures. They keyboard itself was covered. Nothing was spilled on it, to my knowledge. Upon its return from the basement, the instrument played as usual. It was only after three days that the problems began. Trying to determine with a $1,500 piano if it's worth it to take it to the Roland repair center, which is relatively close.
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.
That question, about whether repair is worthwhile, may be determined by asking the Roland repair center, after describing the problem,1. whether they can fix this problem, and2. what their estimate of the charge to you would be, for the repair. This is called 'asking for an estimate' and it is the quickest way to getting data to determine the question.

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