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I am a 12 (12i) lover and, as a teacher and church pianist,

Customer Question

I am a Mark 12 (12i) lover and, as a teacher and church pianist, have been responsible for the purchase of nearly 10 of these keyboards starting with Mark 10's back in 1996, then moving into the Mark 12 series.
I'm now retired from teaching, but spend many hours at my personal Mark 12, which I live in fear of it's death and dying. I've taken in apart and replace the contact strips numerous times, and my husband, whose business is computer repair, has, at my insistance, become a licensed Kurzweil repair person in our very remote "four corners" area of Colorado.
My first question is, WHY in the hell, has Kurzweil abandoned the Mark series? Many of us who own them love the beautiful cabinery which allows our instrument to become a part of our decor. As the local Mark 12 wizard, I'm still called on to play for our local musical productions because I know the instrument's capabilities and utililize it's wonderful functions that can be easily accessed during a live show! Only the Mark 12 can perform in such a manner. All of those owned by the school system are showing their age, as is my personal Mark 12, and will need to be replaced, but with WHAT? Nothing compares, but as much as I love them, they need redesigning and Kurzweil needs MY input to make them more friendly for users like me, the schools, musical productions, churches, and home owners of these keyboards. My suggestions need to be taken seriously by someone at Kurzweil.
Second question...I would like to purchase a portable version of my Mark 12...similar sounds, drum rhythms, ability to program settings under one buttonl, three pedals, and internal speakers. What model comes closest to replicating the Mark 12 series? I live in a rather remote area and am unable to travel to a showroom to try out portable Kurzweil keyboards, altho' I very much prefer seeing, feeling, hearing, touching, a keyboard before purchasing one. PLEASE tell me which portable is closest to the Mark 12!!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

I think that as to the first question, you may be assured that old models become abandoned, where digital pianos are concerned, for the same reason that a really old laptop computer becomes abandoned: Newer models, of much the same thing... their development and their marketing... are dependent upon and driven by the sense of novelty among many buyers, plus the more extensive features and capabilities available in a more modern digital piano or keyboard.

Have you tried an even more modern digital piano? by Kurzweil or any other brand... I would recommend that, though I know you are in a remote region. Try scouting around on YouTube, after going to the Kurzweil site to just find out the model #s of the most recent models... on YouTube, find the models and a sample of how they play and how they sound.

That will give you an idea of how more modern Kurzweil-produced digital pianos sound.

( is their website as a whole.)

To give Kurweil some input on what you think - which they will probably welcome if it's well-written and comprehensible, and thoughtful - go to

As for the second question... Try the approach I mentioned above, as to buying a newer model than the Mark 12. (Also try a run down memory lane, to confirm whether other, older, models were, well, *earlier* than your Mark 12... try the K250 and its sound for instance, the K250 was esteemed as Kurzweil's most famous attempt, to emulate the sound of a real piano with digital sound and technology.)

And, you might want to estimate what these two Roland products sound like, and consider them:

1. the Roland FP-7:

2. the Roland F-20:

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