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MasterFixIt, Customer Service
Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
Satisfied Customers: 9563
Experience:  I repair the electronic end of most amplifiers and fix broken speaker systems.
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I have a Roland JV 3080 sound module and whilst changing

Customer Question

Hi there.
I have a Roland JV 3080 sound module and whilst changing from one patch to another using the data knob, the led display went completely green with no information being shown. The sound module is still working but there is no information on the display. I have turned the unit on and off several times all to no avail. Is this something I can fix myself?
Andrew McCarter
Melbourne, Australia.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
Expert:  MasterFixIt replied 1 year ago.

Hi Andrew,

This would require really experienced soldering, if you have the tools and the experience you could do this with my further help.

If not this would be best done by a local repair shop, most of them now fix these;-)

The repair is work the cost on this one I can tell you that much.

But let me know if you would like to try to do this on your own?

I just wouldn't want you to create further problems as it is really easy if your not skilled at this to ruin the PC boards.

In either case, I will stick with you until this is complete.

Please rate kindly thus far, it won't cost you anything to rate my service to you kindly,

Then you can reach me by simply replying to this message anytime.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Tech Michael

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Michael. I will probably get it repaired at a local electronic musical instruments repair shop as I am not skilled enough with soldering or knowledge of the PC boards to attempt this myself.
Expert:  MasterFixIt replied 1 year ago.

Hi yes that would be the best thing to do , but it is worth the cost for sure on this one;-)

Please rate kindly as its the only way I am credited for my time with you. It wont cost you to rate kindly;-)

Thank you and best wishes.

Tech Michael

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