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Hello, I have a Roland D-110 and sometimes the left (back 1/4")

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Hello, I have a Roland D-110 and sometimes the left (back 1/4") channel is lost and comes back when playing, plus the volume knob introduces some noise when turned on both the left/right output in the back. What could be the cause ?
Spray the jacks with tuner/contact cleaner
the probem is ikely dust
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok it's 11PM, i'll try to get contact cleaner tomorrow, does it carry a brand name or just "generic" contact cleaner will do? I'm sorry i've never used any, should i just spray it on a q-tip or some swab and clean the 1/4" jack while it's powered off?


Ok i googled the contact cleaner and found out that it is mainly isopropyl alcohol, i had some 70% alcohol swabs so i used those wrapped around a q-tip and it worked wonders !! I just got a new synth, will do that to all my synths now, thanks man!

it comes in a can like wd40 (do not use wd40)
it sprays in under pressure
spray the controls and ALL jacks even ones you never use
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok i just ordered some DEoxit, will use it on all contacts, thanks.

ok let me know if you need further help
thanks for trying ja
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok got the Deoxit yesterday and cleaned everything, plus got some faderlube, a fader on another synth was also making noise, everything's top notch now.

Glad to hear Ill close it out
Thanks again