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I purchased a new Yamaha CLP470 from a dealer in a neighboring

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I purchased a new Yamaha CLP470 from a dealer in a neighboring city. It was delivered on June 6, 2012. The day after it was delivered I discovered a problem with the voice selections, more specifically the grand piano voice selections. There are 4 grand piano settings that can be selected from. The problem involves changing the voice selection in the middle of playing a song, say at the end of a section where I might want to make a change in voices for purposes of variety. If I'm changing from one of the grand piano voices to any voice outside the 4 grand piano settings, say jazz organ, the piano voice should continue to sustain until the next time I depress the keys, at which time the jazz organ voice kicks in. What actually happens is when I depress the organ selection button, the sustaining piano sound immediately cuts out for a brief moment breaking the continuity. After that brief silence the sustaining piano sound then comes back on. Then as I depress the next keys the organ sound comes up as expected. If I want to go back from jazz organ (or any of the other voices) to one of the grand piano settings, that same sound interruption occurs. Now, if I change from one grand piano setting to a different grand piano setting there is no sound interruption. If I change from any voice outside the grand piano settings to any other voice outside the grand piano settings there is no interruption. The problem is moving in or out of any of the grand piano settings. This is the 3rd Yamaha digital piano I've purchased and neither of the other two had this problem I just described.

After trying to work with the dealer I bought the unit from over the phone and getting no satisfaction, I drove back to the their store prepared to show them exactly what the problem was. They had one CLP on the floor. When I sat down to play and explain in more detail what the problem was, I descovered that unit had exactly the same problem. There was a CVP model standing nearby. I played it. Same problem. That told me that the CLPs and CVPs both use the same sound module. At this point I began to suspect that Yamaha had a problem.

There is another Yamaha dealership within driving distance of my home, so about a month ago I journeyed there to check their instruments out. They had 4 CLPs and 1 CVP on the floor. Everyone of theirs had the very same problem I described.

I suspect now, that Yamaha has been putting malfunctioning sound modules in their pianos. My question is this. What recourse do I have to address this problem. The problem seems to be a "short" of some kind, or maybe even a software problem. After what I've found at the two dealerships, I can't be the only person in the world to have discovered it. Can someone give me any guidance on what I can do here.



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I understand what you are saying but i have seen nothing anywhere that indicates people are having this issue
i have read several reviews that talk about the key action
and if they were getting nit picky about key action you would think your problem would be a much worse issue
does it have anything to do with you stepping on the sus pedal?
and the only CURE would have to come from YAMAHA ij the form of a Software/Firmware update
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I can't believe the sus pedal has anything to do with it because if I change voices outside the grand piano settings with the sus pedal depressed it works fine. Or if I change voices within the bank of 4 grand piano settings with the sus pedal depressed it still works fine. The sound interruption only occurs when changing voice selections into or out of the grand piano selections.

I agree it probably needs to be something addressed by Yamaha but I haven't been able to find a way to get them to respond to me. The dealer has backed away and my email attempt has been ignored. I was told there is a 5 year warranty on the unit when I bought it. I have to confess I'm not impressed with their service.


Contact your state Attourney General as this is a breach of state law concerening Warranty of your product sold in State of XX
you paid well over a thousand dollars for the unit and you deserve some satisfaction

  • Try to resolve the problem with the retailer. If you can't, write to the manufacturer. Your warranty should list the company's mailing address. Send all letters by certified mail, return receipt requested, and keep copies.
  • Contact your state or local consumer protection office. They can help you if you can't resolve the situation with the seller or manufacturer.
  • Research dispute resolution programs that try to informally settle any disagreements between you and the company. Your local consumer protection office can suggest organizations to contact. Also, check your warranty; it may require dispute resolution procedures before going to court.
  • Consider small claims court. If your dispute involves less than $750, you can usually file a lawsuit in small claims court. The costs are relatively low, procedures are simple, and lawyers usually aren't needed. The clerk of the small claims court can tell you how to file your lawsuit and your state's dollar limits.
  • If all else fails, you may want to consider a lawsuit. You can sue for damages or any other type of relief the court awards, including legal fees. A lawyer can advise you how to proceed.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.




If there is anyting else I can do please ask
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