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I rent a cottage...over the summer the main keep tripping so

Customer Question

Hi. I rent a cottage...over the summer the main keep tripping so finally the landlord hired an electrician...the wires outside from house were exposed to elements..they replaced wires, meter, and main breaker (which is on the exterior under meter). All seemed OK. Until 3 weeks ago...all the lights were diming and getting brighter then the hard wired fire alarm popped then went off popped little range hood was buzzing...smoke alarm smelled like it was burning...I turned off all 4 circuit breakers ran outside flipped main off..I believe I stopped the place from going on fire...the fire department came and utility man saw that there was no neutral on the new main outside...utility guy and the electrician quickly put one in...the electrian denied place is cluttered so he wanted the place emptied before he would he left me to clear out. Turned out my mothers hospital motor got burnt out as well as the gfi on wall where propane stove is and range hood fan and lite...he left with 2 circuit breakers off of the 4...I haven't had the electrician back... my mom passed away in the interim.. I think because we were sick with fear pushing her illnesses over the question is hearing what got damaged. Is wiring also bad now. (Not new by any means)...should the place be rewired or can just replace outlets... Thanks, ***** ***** sad
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  ProGrade replied 7 months ago.

Welcome to

My condolences about your Mother.

Expert:  ProGrade replied 7 months ago.

If all is as you described as the symptoms also confirm, the electrician (and I use that term loosely in this case) is definitely, clearly at fault for the damages caused by the missing neutral.

As bad as this was, the wiring should not be damaged...cannot be damaged unless there was also a probkem with the utility supply, not likely since the neutral resolved the problem.

I recommend getting the perpetrators license number and filing a formal complaint with the licensing authority in your area. You might want to consider an attorney on a contingency basis to recover for your damages/loss and all costs of recovery. I think you have a solid case. If this person was not licensed, you still have a case.

This is not legal advice, just my opinion, consult an attorney for that.