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I just bought a 1.5 horse-power inverter airconditioner to

Customer Question

I just bought a 1.5 horse-power inverter airconditioner to be installed in my bedroom. The electrician installed a 3.5mm2 stranded copper wire to connect it to the outlet. Is this the correct size of wire? Also can you give me the correct
circuit breaker size ( amp) for this appliance? Thanks a lot. BTW, we use the 220 volts.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-1eysp1u4- replied 1 year ago.

Hello Cecile, welcome to JA/Pearl my name is***** will try to answer your electrical question today.

I am in the U.S. and we do not commonly use the metric conversion for wire size , but it seems the 3.5 mm ^2 wire is about equal to our #12 AWG gauge wire, which is good for around 20 amps by our code depending on insulation type. at 220 volts 1.5 horse power (1 hp = 746 watts, 746 watts*1.5 = 1119 watts; 1119 watts/220 volts = 5.1 amps ) draws around 5 amps. So if your unit only requires that rated hp you should be in good shape ampacity wise.

I hope that answers your question, this thread will remain open for some time if you need further aid. Please do not forget to rate me , thanks for using JA/Pearl and have a wonderful day !

Expert:  JACUSTOMER-1eysp1u4- replied 1 year ago.

I'll add that a breaker up to , but not exceeding 20 amps should be acceptable, sorry I didn't make that clear in my first post.