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Eddie, Home Improvement Contractor
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I would like to added a receptacle in our finished garage.

Customer Question

Hello,I would like to added a receptacle in our finished garage. The garage is finished with drywall over brick. The drywall was screwed on the brick so there is no space. The receptacle I want to put would be about 12 feet away from another receptacle. I have some armored 14/2 cable and was wondering if I can notch out the drywall and lay the armoured cable inside the groove and "mud " over the armoured cable
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Eddie replied 11 months ago.

it would probably be much easier all around if you used wiremold ....that way you'll know exactly where it is and not buried that you will ever take a chance of putting a screw into the BX or cutting it ........since it is a garage you'll want to put it on a GFI and you can make a multi strip notching............surface mount...........this is just a sample they come in different lengths and configurations.............

.............if you did want to go the BX route let me know because it might be best if you went up across and furring strips were used before the drywall?



Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi Eddie,thanks for the reply.I don't care for the wire outlet strip.Let me give you some more lookIf you stand facing the back wall , the exiting outlet is on the left wall about 1 foot from the back wall and about 2 feet from the floor.We renovated our bathroom last year and I will put the vanity and drawers on the back wall (no sink)I am also going to build a closet to house the vacuum cannister, so the back wall will have about a 3 inch filler before the vaccum closet starts, so the cable will be behind a wall.I was going to cable staright down ( how far do I need to stay off the floor - i was thinking 8 inchs) to the back wall, around the corner (behind the vaccumm closet wall) along the back wall and straight up where my plug will be.I have thought of using this
raceway, or armoured cable counter sunk into the drywall in areas where I would see it. . I will have about 5 feet of seeable wall on the left side and I guess about 6 inchs on the back wall where the new recepatcle would be .No furring was used, the drywall was screwed right to the wall.
Expert:  Eddie replied 11 months ago.

you explaining the lay out only makes it more confusing so to get to the bot***** *****ne............if there is no gap between the drywall and the block/brick .....if you use shielded cable or wiremold raceway for that matter, it will exceed the drywall (1/2 inch or 5/8?) and not be could use just the raceway and it will be nice and neat or use BX and put a decorative molding over it ...........2 foot high or at the base of the I said the only thing is to protect it from putting a nail or screw into it but it also be easily repaired on that kind of set up

Expert:  Eddie replied 10 months ago.

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