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We are two microwave transformers parallel to do fractal

Customer Question

We are two microwave transformers parallel to do fractal wood burning. Was working just fine but now works very slow. Cannot figure out what is going on.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Martin replied 11 months ago.

Hi do you mean parallel or series? Series is what allow the voltage to be multiplicated. WHat do you use to connect to the transformer and to connect to the wood (bolts ,clamp?),

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I use clamps to connect to the wood. I'm not sure if they are in parallel or a series.
Expert:  Martin replied 11 months ago.

Parralel is side by side, series is one at the end of the other. if you use series, it is possible that you exceed the voltage tolerance of the second transformer and it can form little arcs breaking trough the dielectric insulation (the enamel around the wire inside the transformer).

Expert:  Martin replied 11 months ago.

ALso at those clamp, carbonization may occur with that kind of voltage. Contact cleaner or rubbing a file on them may help in giving them good contact again.

Expert:  Martin replied 11 months ago.

If you use too thin cable, copper may melt and stretch, that would increase the resistance of the wire, make sure you use tick ones.

Expert:  Martin replied 11 months ago.

You may also have changed the brand of the bicarbonate sulfur you use (i guess this is what you use for your conducting solution). Some may be more effective than other, you may also need to use fresh one if the pack you have is very old.