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There, I tried to change a light fitting the other day, and

Customer Question

Hi there,
I tried to change a light fitting the other day, and have run in to a bit of an issue as the lighting in the house is more complicated than I thought!
It runs on a ROSE LOOP Circuit that covers hallway, bathroom and bedroom. The fitting I tried to change has 12 wires and the new one I tried to fit is a simple 2 wire jobbie.. Stupidly I didnt take any pictures when taking apart the old fitting and when trying to reconnect it I'm left with two wires that have nowhere to go?! I have pictures of the fitting and wires which might make it easier to understand.. There are 5blue, 5brown and 2yellow/green wires.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 1 year ago.

From those you will have;

L,N and E in

L,N and E out

L and SW from the light switch

L and N to the light fitting

With the power on you should only have one live, this is the loop in.

The N and E from these should go into the block.

Next turn on one of the other lights that normally work but have stopped, if you get one of the other reds and touch it to the live one the other light should come on.

When you have found this then the N and E from the same cable can go into the same connector as the first cable - the is the LOOP OUT.

You should now have the switch wire left, this goes into the L from the loop and the return wire goes into the L of the light fitting.

All remaining N and E get terminated with the same colour with the LOOP In and LOOP OUT wires