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Eddie, Home Improvement Contractor
Category: Electrical
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The fixed light in both bathrooms and laundry room are flickering.

Customer Question

The fixed light in both bathrooms and laundry room are flickering. I have determined they are are all on the same circuit. Is this a breaker issue?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.
It could very well be a breaker'll want to start trouble shooting there if you have had experience working in the panel box would remove the panel cover and if both of those lights are on and you here a humming or a slight crackling on the breaker in question then see if the screw of the breaker needs tightening....along with that circuits neutral wire on the bar....if still going on you can remove the breaker and inspect WITHOUT TOUCHING the bus bar and see if it is getting corroded........then snap the breaker back in place that it is making good contact.........after all of this and still hearing the hum or noise then change the breaker.........after that it could be somewhere else in the circuit as to a loose connection and needs to be traced light by light and receptacle by receptacle...........keep in mind that a slight flickering is normal and goes away just as it came inThankseddie