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I have a question about the electrical supply oven. The

Customer Question

I have a question about the electrical supply for an oven. The current oven plugs in to a socket inside a kitchen cupboard; I am unsure of it's size, but the cable looks larger than a standard one. Nevertheless, it has a normal on/off switch, not a dedicated red one (which was out on the wall for easy reach) like my previous kitchen had for the cooker. I have bought a new second hand oven (Miele, model no H4681) but am not sure if the existing socket is big enough for it. The installation manual for the new one says it is "supplied with a 3-core cable for connection to a single phase 230-240 V 50 Hz supply". It gives instructions for various countries, with the one for Ireland, Australia and New Zealand saying the fuse rating is 16 amps but the South African one saying a fuse rating of 20 amps. Many thanks.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.

Good morning Mike ...........okay here is the scoop I had stated to you this is a problem............not only siding but airports, military bases and even when the President flies in............but he sells a receiver and transmitter that will boost your signal the receiver the would need one of these for every remote you have guy relayed to me that it may work or it may not work but it should be better than what you with any electronic part once you plug it in it in non far as getting a new souped up opener it will be the same because the FCC dictates how much of a frequency these things can send.........I asked about the install he said it's a hard wire splice and plug it in..........which was a difference from one video I saw where the guy soldered in a co-axial cable to the logic board then ran it through the attic............then out and tucked it into the siding and I bet it was still iffy ........this is a lot simpler and Mark said it is reasonably priced.............the only thing is you'll have to buy a transmitter for every remote.......but if you get one and test it out for a few months maybe it will be worth it ...............I hope this all helped some and thank you for the good ratings



Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.

sorry this message was sent in error ..............a little trouble with the website today