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I'm an electrical contractor in Colorado. I have a customer

Customer Question

I'm an electrical contractor in Colorado. I have a customer that has a Kohler 12RES generator that's about 12 years old. It was previously controlled by a remote start as the house was off grid. It's now on the grid so I installed a Kohler 200RDT SE automatic transfer switch. I first installed the transfer switch and terminated the line and load wires. The LED indicators on the front of the panel showed that power was coming from the utility, as it should. I then ran and terminated the wires to the generator for power, battery charger, and start/stop wires. I turned the generator to run with the generator's circuit breaker in the OFF position to let it warm up before testing the transfer switch. When I went to turn the utility power off to test, the LED indicators were not working at all. My concern is that I somehow fried the microprocessor, but how? The circuit breaker on the generator was in the OFF position. I verified that the start/stop wires were landed in the correct terminals (3 and 4). Also, the generator has ran fine up to this point but now shuts off after 10 seconds and displays "UU" for under voltage. HELP!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  ProGrade replied 1 year ago.

Hi Roger. I know how frustrating that is. Just a thought, make sure the sensing wires (the small wires connected to the line & load) did not get broken or have loose connections. Check the control relay (usually a cube relay), If not and fuse (s) for control are good, next option is the control board. I will search for manual for troubleshooting & let you know if I find one. In the meantime I will opt out for now in case other experts have ideas and want to chime in. I will opt back in if I find something, otherwise, do not rate the service and there won't be any charges.

Expert:  ProGrade replied 1 year ago.

Manual states -Press and hold Test & Excercise buttons for 6 seconds to reset the controller to its original state at powerup. Until this is cleared, faults are retained in memory and it would remain locked out.

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