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Can I purchase a switch Jasco Products Co. Order #UCX2BW12

Customer Question

Can I purchase a switch for a Jasco Products Co. Order #UCX2BW12
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Mike G. replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I'm Mike G and I'll be assisting you. I would suspect something other than the switch unless you are using a dimmer. What you have is a transformer, not a ballast.1) the wiring connecting the transformer or 2) a wire that came loose. 3) using a dimmer on a transformer not able to be dimmed. Do you have a 2 wire voltage tester?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Mike, I'm sure that the transformer is wired correctly. I have completed the wiring on other lights of the same type numerous times so I'm pretty sure I'm good with that. I tested the light directly to current w/o a dimmer in line and the lights failed to illuminate. The transformer I used does have dimming capability. Hence, my suspicion about the switch no longer working correctly. No, I do not have a 2 wire voltage tester. Please explain how I would use one in order to test the switch and/or my wiring of the transformer. Also, where would I purchase a voltage tester and how is it to be used? Thanks, Steve
Expert:  Mike G. replied 1 year ago.

A tester would verify 120V on the supply wires and 12V on the output. No matter. Remove the dimmer and put the wires together to verify the dimmer is defective.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Mike, It is NOT the dimmer. It is currently in operation with two of the same lights as described. As I stated in my second note, I tested the malfunctioning lights directly to an electrical outlet to determine if they would work properly. They did not. The transformer is new, the wiring is correct so in my opinion the only thing left is to check the switches. Tell me if/and/or where I can obtain switches for the model of light indicated. Thank you, Steve
Expert:  Mike G. replied 1 year ago.

Let me understand what you stated. The switches you need are part of the fixture, yes or no? If so, you can bypass then to verify operation.