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How to uninstall a Decora switch

Customer Question

How to uninstall a Decora switch
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 1 year ago.

Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.

Please provide some additional details:

Reason to remove the switch?

What does it control now?

Will it be replaced with anything?

As much information as possible to understand the situation,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm installing an Adorne Legrand paddle switch in it's place. This particular switch is the downstairs switch that controls an upstairs hall ceiling light. there is also an upstairs switch for this same fixture. Both switches are single gang, and non-dimmer types. The old Decora switch is also a rocker type. On the Adorne plate is the wire connection for the electrical box. Then the switch is supposed to simply be pushed into place, so I assume that the Decora switch white plastic part comes off of the electrical box switch, though once the screws release it from the box, the "decorative" plastic part (that you actually touch to actuate) does not appear to be held in place on the box switch by screws (that part is attached to the wires in the box wrapped around the screws). So I assume that the Adorne paddle switch clips into that part that's behind the white Decora switch....unless I need a new type of switch in the box not provided by the Adorne company...I did ask the supplier about that and he said the "trim" was all I needed (and he has been to my house on two occasions, so I feel he must have looked at the older switches as well as the new ones I had installed at the same time I had multiple light fixtures installed...)
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 1 year ago.


Let me see if I understand what your need is , as I d not know if you need assiatcne removing th eold one or installing the new one since both have been mentioned:

1. You need to know how to remove the Decora switch that exists at this time in the switch box, is this correct?

Decor is a switch type and has no bearing to the way it mounts in the box.

The actual model number determines the mounting.

So, is this a screw less face plate on the switch now?

If so, look at the bottom of the plate and there should be a small slot to place a screwdriver and then slightly twist the screwdriver to pop the plate off.

The switch then unscrews and un-wires.

If this is not your switch, please post a picture so that it may be evaluated as the model so I can provide further instruction for its removal.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It's not a screwless plate. I unscrewed the 2 screws from the white plate, then unscrewed two more screws on the white rocker switch to release it from the electrical box and saw this brown switch "body" behind the white rocker switch. If this "body" is what the Adorne paddle switch is supposed to fit into, then the information I need is regarding how to take the white "trim" off of the brown body. If I am wrong about the body, and a new type of switch needs to be installed inside the electrical box (what I'd asked the supplier about), then that's what I need to understand and purchase. Does the fact that the Decora plate was a screw on type tell you the age of the Decora switch and what may be needed to install the Adorne switch properly?
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 1 year ago.


If the plate had screws, and the rocker switch had screws, that is all there is on a standard decora switch.

Need a picture to evaluate this "brown body"

The paddle switches come with their own body plate for installation into a switch box, did yours not come with all the parts?

What is the actual model number of the Paddle switch? Should be on the packaging.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
P/N 362918 Yes there is a separate plate that has one wire on it to connect to the wires in the electrical box. There is no wire on the plastic box behind the Adorne paddle switch, so I assumed it had to lock in place to something in the electrical box, and not just be held in place by the Adorne plate (the switch and plate come in different finishes and are sold separately). The plate has a P/N 363035.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I just found on the back of the switch packaging where to go online for an installation video, and I've started watching that and can call them directly for the proper installation. Thank you for you help such as you were able to determine it to be with my descriptions.
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 1 year ago.

Ok, thanks.

So, you have everything needed at this time and can make the installation, I presume.

If anything further, let me know.

It sounds like the brown body is the actual switch box to mount the holding plate for the paddle switch

If so, then the rest should go smoothly with the video

The holding plate has a ground wire to attach to the house ground wire.

Then it mounts to the box, then the switch wires to the house wires and snaps into the holding plate.

Then the cover snaps on the whole thing