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I have an 80w 24 x 18 PFL, Laser engraver, made by Full Spectrum

Customer Question

I have an 80w 24 x 18 PFL, Laser engraver, made by Full Spectrum Laser, Las Vegas, 3 yrs. Old with less than 100 hrs. of use. I am experiencing two problems am not sure if they are related. The first started two years ago. When I attempt to raster engrave, the X axis stepper motor overheats after around 30 min. and stops until allowed to cool. The first time it did this the original motor burned out and I had to replace it. Then, up until recently I could cut through ¼ in. birch at around %40 speed / %70 power with no problem. Also, I was able to cut paper at 100/2. Now I can’t even get a mark on thermal paper held directly in front of the tube until I raise the power to %20, although test firing does produce a mark. Cutting through ¼ in. birch takes at least 4 passes at %10 speed / %100 power. I have replaced the tube, power supply, and mirrors. Aligned the beam to right on the money. All to no avail. Please help. TY
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.
Hi there,
Firstly, the X axis stepper motor will need to be refurbished or replaced to fix the problem you are experiencing with it.
For the laser problem, it seems as though the laser beam is failing, or there may be dirt on the laser lens.
Try cleaning the lens with 90% or purer alcohol and let me know if that helps.