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Can a resident run an extesion cord to the curb on a permanent

Customer Question

can a resident run an extesion cord to the curb on a permanent basis, also the person buried the cord in the expansion seam of the sidewalk
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 2 years ago.
Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.
Extension cords and sets are for temporary applications only and cannot be used in place of any permanent wiring.
This is whether you own your home or are a tenant.
Even with permanent wiring, the cable must be 24 inches deep in the ground unless protected by a GFCI and then it can be only 12" deep.
At no time is cable allowed to be in the open, it must always be protected in some way either by burial or conduit protection.
Is this a home rental or apt that has this situation?
It is very dangerous and should be reported to the landlord if possible, if not, contact the local permitting office and they can take care of the situation and have it removed.
Here are some code Articles with cord usage straight from the book:
400.8 Uses Not Permitted Unless specifically permitted in 400.7, flexible cords and
cables shall not be used for the following:
(1) As a substitute for the fixed wiring of a structure (2) Where run through holes
in walls, structural ceilings, suspended ceilings, dropped ceilings, or floors
(3) Where run through doorways, windows, or similar openings (4) Where attached to building surfaces
(5) Where concealed by walls, floors, or ceilings or located above suspended or dropped ceilings
(6) Where installed in raceways, except as otherwise per- mitted in this Code
The flexible cords and cables referred to in Article 400 are not limited to use with portable equipment
(7) Where subject to physical damage
Let me know anything else needed, thanks

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