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I want to install a ceiling fan in a room that has no ceiling

Customer Question

I want to install a ceiling fan in a room that has no ceiling light. There is however, a ceiling light in the closet that works with a pull chain. The attic is above this room. Is it possible to run new wire from the closet light to operate the remote controlled fan? The wall switch in the room controls 2 outlets. Should I connect to one of the wall outlets?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 2 years ago.
Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.
Since the fan will be remote controlled, you could wire from either source, the closet light or to one of the switch controlled receptacles.
The closet light would be easiest for the addition, and you could also add a switch for the fan at the same time as an option.
Since the closet light is a pull chain type, it has a black and white connected, and all you need to do, is tap into those with a new cable to the ceiling fan, white to white and black to black.
Then connect the new cable to your receiver, and the fan will operate off the remote.
If adding a switch, you would just run the cable from the closet light tot he new switch location and then run the cable to the fan from that same switch location.
Either way will work, let me know any questions or other information needed,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Will the closet light still work independently of the fan? In other words, will I need to have the closet light on in order to run the fan?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
One final would I run the wiring if I was to tap into a celing light fixture that is run by a wall switch?
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 2 years ago.
1. The closet light being on or off has no affect on the new fan, you are connecting to the power that is also feeding the closet light.
2.Not sure what you are referencing on the second part?
"how would I run the wiring if I was to tap into a celing light fixture that is run by a wall switch?"
When connecting the new cable to the ceiling box, you are connecting to a constant power source, so it makes no difference how a light is operated or whether it is on or off.
The new fan wired like the diagram shows from the original ceiling box where all the other lights and switch are connected, will have power constantly, therefore nothing else in the entire house will affect it, it operates on its own.
Maybe that will cover that question.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That answers all my questions. Thank you!
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 2 years ago.
Very good, you are most welcome, glad to assist on the situation.