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I am installing a ceiling fan and there are two sets of white

Customer Question

I am installing a ceiling fan and there are two sets of white and black wires, plus an exposed ground wire. The ceiling fan has a black, blue and white wire. I end up with one extra white wire from the electrical box. What do I do with this white wire? There are two different light switches for the ceiling fan.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 2 years ago.
Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.Do you have a 2 lead voltage tester?Can you remove the switch covers and see what color wires are connected to the switches?Odd to have only whites and blacks with 2 switches, so need to double check the situation.Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I can pickup a 2 lead voltage tester. I will check the color wires at the switches tonight and respond accordingly.Thank you.
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 2 years ago.
Normally, an electrician would use a 3 wire cable with red,black and white wires inside.
Yours may have used 2 cables, each with black and white.
So, what it will come down to in the end, is which of the 4 wires are connected to the 2 switches.
One of the whites will connect to a group of whites in the switch box, that is your neutral.
Then each switch will most likely have a black, one from each of the cables.
That would leave one white left over and it is just capped and unused.
So, testing from a single white to each of the black leads with the switches BOTH on should show which wire is being used, it will show 120 volts.
The other white would not show any power to a black when tested.
That should be the way it is wired, there can be variations, but you have 2 switches, so it should match as posted.
Just shout back and let me know anything needed.