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machinc, Electrical Technician
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I have a brand new electronic Skutt kiln for ceramics. The

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I have a brand new electronic Skutt kiln for ceramics. The specs in the manual are clear except for the exact type of 8 ga copper wire. The 220 receptacle is a NEMA 6-50 ,2 pole 40 breaker,27.8 Amps and 6672 watts.My electrician is out of town but I said I'd buy the supplies since we live where things often have to be ordered. I told him I had the specs but I didn't ask Him enough questions! No problem with the correct breaker or receptacle or length of wire needed (about 60 feet).
BUT The 8 gauge copper wire comes in several varieties. 8/3 With ground is available but has Four wires. I was told at the hardware store that NEMA 6-50 only accepts 3 ??? wires so that info confused me.(8 gauge 3 wire is available 100 miles from here to order). I was Also told there was braided or solid 8 ga wire and nothing about That is in the specs from the Skutt company. Thank you!
8 /3 with ground is fine
solid is fine
The fourth wire you are seeing in the 8/3
is the ground wire.
You don't need braided for a kiln but is ok to
use if that is all you can get. M

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