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Help! I replaced a existing NuTone vent/heat/light/night light

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Help! I replaced a existing NuTone vent/heat/light/night light combo in the bathroom with an identical unit. Thus the wiring is exactly same, but I decided to use the new rocker switches that came with it instead of leaving the old "yellowed" flipper ones in place. The old had 2 switches, each with a double flipper, the new is 2 switches, each with 2 rockers.

Connected all the wiring the same (only difference was the old switches had 2 screws on each side, the new rockers have one black screw on one side). Before putting the switches back into the metal box (it's a very tight fit) I turned the breaker back on and tried all the components, everything worked fine, alone and all together. Pleas note, there was only one switch grounded in the old setup, so I just grounded the one switch when replacing. Turned the power back off, pushed the switches into the box, screwed everything in. Turned power back on. Flip all the switches and when I turned the last toggle on, (night light) which happens to be on the ungrounded switch, sparks fly out of box at the night light screw (screw blackened inside when I pulled switch back out later).

So, switches and all components work fine when switches are hanging outside of box (I've gone through a few iterations of this, tried putting electrical tape over all screws) it's when I push everything back into the box that it keeps shorting. So do I need to ground the switch that keeps shorting as well? Is it because the screws are touching the metal box. Would really appreciate any suggestions.
Hi, I'm Mike and I'll be glad to assist you. To determine that, you need to examine the side of the box that may be contacting the screw. Look for an arc mark.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yes, there was a black mark on the side of the box where the spark came out next to the screw that was blackened.
That is the problem. Tape around the screws and then install the them.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I did tape around them and the same thing happened, it went through the tape.
Do both switches need to be grounded?
All devices should be grounded.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
can I just strip the green wire going to the one switch and run part of of that wire to the other switch?
That would work.
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