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machinc, Electrical Technician
Category: Electrical
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Experience:  AC/DCElectricity / Relay and apparatus/circuit reading/ 30 yrs Bell South
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We have a number of Interatic ST01 timers. Tonight, the (single

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We have a number of Interatic ST01 timers. Tonight, the (single switch) timer that controls our outside floodlight (set to go on at dusk and off at dawn) spontaneously started switching on-and-off in rapid succession. We tried manually turning it off, unsuccessfully. We also tried reprogramming it to "skip", also unsuccessfully. Meanwhile, our outside flods are flashing on and off, annoying our neighbors. I'd turn off the circuit breaker, but our electricians didn't label our box precisely enough to hazard a guess as to which circuit controls the outside lights.
I will check on some solutions and get right
back .
Meanwhile unless there are to many or too
high you could unscrew the bulbs to get you through
the night.
Be right back with better advice,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Unfortunately, the lights are on the eaves of the house - over 20 feet high.

Afraid of that
Reset dusk at a specific time
Then reset dawn at a specific
Be sure AM. and. PM
are correct.

Your model should also have a manual
override in case the unit has become
I will do more research and get right Back


As a last resort your breaker for
the lights will be a single pole
20 amp or 30 amp breaker.

The worst that will happen by temporarily turning off the wrong breaker is you might have to reset
clocks or TV . Turn your computer off before trying to locate circuit.

Still looking for better solution .
Will be right back.

This is a site with alternative settings
For your timer.
It starts with water heater timers but scroll down
and you will find instructions for lights
along with some alternative suggestions.
I will be up so check back and I will continue to try to help

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Tried flipping breakers that were not labeled for major appliances and the like. Didn't help. Tried reprogramming the damned thing. That didn't help either.


My guess is that there is some internal defect in it. Or that the battery is in the process of dying.


Even if unscrewed all the bulbs, the clicking noise would continue.



I'm so sorry. The batteries are an option if there
has been no obvious possibilities like lightning
or work in the yard or house that could
have damaged any wires.

The main control unit may be fused or have
a switch.
If you locate and remove the fuse that would shut
it down.

Another option is replace the batteries.'
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The batteries are not accessible - the box for the switch doesn't appear to have any access to the batteries.


Can't figure out which circuit breaker goes to these lights.


My husband is on the verge of cutting the wires to the switch - the noise is really aggravating and he figures we'll have to call an electrician to deal with this anyway.

If you remove the switch cover you should see a
two white wires with a wire nut on them
carefully remove the wire nut and don't touch
the bare ends or let them touch any other bare wires
this should kill the lights

I wait to see if this works
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He did it, and capped the wires. The lights are (thankfully) off. The switch is still clicking, but we threw it outside on our porch so we can sleep. I'll call our regular electrician on Monday and have him replace it with a Honeywell which has the virtue of a readable screen and what seems to be a more intuitive programming capability.

If the box still clicks but the light goes out
very carefully remove the wire nut off the
black wire be careful do not touch the bare wire
put the nut back on one of the black wires just to keep
it from touching the other one.

If you try to cut the wires you may short them which would
cause a loud pop and flash and trip the breaker
cutting off any other lights that might be on the circuit
If there are no wire nuts on the black wires and they are
under a screw on the switch very carefully
remove one of the black wires from the switch.
Be very cautious and don't do this if you have any doubts
the wire will be hot since you can't find the breaker.
You can get on the phone with your wife if the box is too
To hear. Then cut off
the breakers one at a time until the light goes out
this would be the safest route then you can
disconnect the wires safely if you need other light
that were on the circuit you can cut the breaker
back on . Just make sure the ends Of the wire
you disconnected are clear.

Great I'm glad you can get some sleep
I'm so glad you got the lights safely out .
Have a good nights rest.

machinc and other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
If you have any other questions I will be glad
to help.