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machinc, Electrical Technician
Category: Electrical
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Experience:  AC/DCElectricity / Relay and apparatus/circuit reading/ 30 yrs Bell South
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I have a Dimplex Model SKG20 heater. The Infra red control

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I have a Dimplex Model SKG20 heater. The Infra red control board was replaced, and since the repair, neither the dimming control on the handset nor the dimming switch on the heater function, and on starting, sometimes the flame effect motor runs in reverse. Could the board have been incorrectly wired up? I have the information for the repair Kit FP04039, but that does not help as it only instructs one to carefully transfer the old wiring to the new board, without giving the correct spade connections. Is it possible to get an actrual connection diagram for the model?
If you are confident you reconnected any wires
Properly and the trouble
Started with the replacement then
it is the wrong type Board or. It is defective.
Replace. With new board after checking the
model numbers to wright it is compatible or the


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have a replacement board, but I am not confident that I got the connections completely right. That is the problem. That is why I need a circuit diagram or connection chart to check the installation. The board number is XXXXX same as the original and was obtained as a direct replacement.


The machine operates with all the correct controls with the exception of the half light control.





If the board is a plug in make sure it is seated
all the way or that all the mounting screws are
in place. one of them may supply ground.
meanwhile will get a diagram for
the connections.

Still looking for a complete wiring diagram
but it sounds like your polarity is reversed
on your low voltage leads.


This unit is sold through Dimplex
they suggest it only be replaced by a professional
They do not supply a wiring diagram.

That said the polarity bring reversed at
the low voltage leads sounds like the most likely problem.
Identify the positive and negative leads and
make certain they are terminated in the correct place.

If you have any other questions I will be glad
to help .


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