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AssuredElectrical, Master Electrician
Category: Electrical
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I would like to run power to a turkey coop I have. Currently

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I would like to run power to a turkey coop I have. Currently I run a 16 gauge extension cord about 85 feet from a 15 amp gfci and run a couple fans off it in the summer, the fans came with 18 gauge cord. I also run a 250 watt light bulb at times for heat for baby turkeys or chickens. I have never popped the gfci breaker. I do notice when I run my circular saw, that the lights dim in the coop. I was wondering about running 10-2 wire from my fuse box to the coop, which would be about 175 feet total, and than putting in a couple lights, and a couple outlets, I am wondering if it would be better to run a 10-2 wire 75 feet to edge of house, and put it into a 20 amp gfci and than hook in from there and run the other 80 feet or so. Or do I need a whole different gauge of wire? A friend who does some wiring said, I should run 10-2 from fuse box to a 20 amp gfci, and than just run 12-2 wire to the shed, but I am not sure, but he kept saying if you never popped a breaker on your 15 amp gfci, why are you worried.
It would be bets if you ran a 10/2 all the way
since it is such a long run.
Forget about what happened in the past.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

With that long of a run, is it safe or should I use a thicker gauge wire like a 6 or 8 gauge

Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

With the #10 run all the way, full distance 175 feet, you can get approx 8 amps or 900 watts without a major voltage

Use the #8 wire the full distance and you can get 12-13 amps or 1440 watts approx

Run the #6 wire full distance and you can the full 20 amp circuit for use at the location.

So, it would be a budget issue on wire costs and what you feel may happen in the future.
AssuredElectrical, Master Electrician
Category: Electrical
Satisfied Customers: 4241
Experience: Contractor-42+ Years in the ElectricalTrade
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Just don't run anymore extension cords.


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