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Hi, I had 2 light bulb fixures lighting up my garage. Put a

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Hi, I had 2 light bulb fixures lighting up my garage. Put a new celing joist system in and bought 2 fouresent light, one for the rt and left side of the garage. I want to know if I should run the power wire directly into the 1st lights power connections replacing ahe plug in power cord that noe exists. Also can I reun another power cable from the first into the second flouscent fixture. I would like to use pull chain switched for each light but they are not part of these lights. Could I put pull switches into them? Pictures you may have can help. Thanks I await you reply

electrifier :

Light bulbs were mounted to round boxes? Replace the boxes with 1 gang boxes and install a receptacle and cover in the box. This will allow you to plug in the lights and not violate the warranty on the fixtures. Do you have a switch for the existing overhead lights that are there now?


The florcenent 's are used no warrantys. The old incadsentent are 100 watt s mounted into ceramic pull chain fixtures. I want to mount the florsents using the power wire from the old light bulb system and have pull chains to turn the flousents on and off.I have a wall switch to turn them on and off but no individual pull chain s for each floursents so how can I convert if [possible .

electrifier :

You can buy a pull chain switch at the Big Box Stores. They are pretty universal. Wire it in series with the black wire in the fixture. There is usually a knockout where it will fit. Otherwise drill a hole in the end where the wiring comes in. If you want to remove the porcelain fixtures you can put a blank cover on to close the box. If you cut the plug off the cord you may have other issues but black to black, white to white and green to ground in a junction box. I don't know how your cord is made so that is a general statement.


O.K The porcelain fixtures were put up with a metal flat bar with many holes in it to universally attached . The fixture itself was screwed to the back side of the porcelain fixture. Then the entire assembly was nailed between the rafters. Understand the metal bar provided many holes to drive a nail thru it into the wood rafter. Then the power wire ran from the first into the second porcelain fixture assembly and it too was nailed to the wood rafter with metal bar holding it to rafters . They were spaced about 10ft apart. There was a metal box attached to each porcelain fixture and the metal support bar attached to each metal box. and then nailed to the wood rafters. I wanted to reuse the power wires . The wire was called ROMEX when new. The wire insulation is still in good condition. The fixtures HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE GARAGE 'S CEILING AND ARE LAYING ON MY WORK BENCH. i HAVE TWO FORTY EIGHT INCH FLOURSENTS FIXTURES TO REPLACE THEM. COULD YOU PUT UP A SIMPLE DRAWING OR PICTURE SHOWING THE 2 WIRED SIDE BY SIDE WITH THE PULL CHAINS. IF THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE Maybe A WEB SITE YOU KNOW HAS PICTURES. MEANTIME I CAN LOOK AT THE NEW LIGHTS FOR A FIRMER UNDERSTANDING OF THE WIRING AND PULL CHAINS.They are in my garage on the workbench. The romex may be a 3 conductor , I am not sure. I'll know tuesday

electrifier and 2 other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Keep question open .O.K.?

Do these fixtures have cords on them or will you be using romex to connect them?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They have plug in cords but I wanted to replace then with the romex

Simple enough. Do you have the pull chain switches? They have 2 wires on them. One wire connects to the black romex wire and the other connects to the black fixture wire. Wire the romex to the junction box where the porcelain was connected, to the 2 wires that went to the fixture, black to black and white to white. Connect the bare ground to the fixture ground screw and the ground of the junction box where the porcelain used to be. Put a blank cover on the junction box.
electrifier and 2 other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I left a tip. your reply apearrs all thats needed to now go forward and install the lights. If I have any confusion I will write back .I have more than 1 project going now but I want to do this the 1st chance I get.End of the month likely. Thanks

Great, thank you much. I will be here for additional clarification on this issue.

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