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Jason, Service Technician
Category: Electrical
Satisfied Customers: 4277
Experience:  Over 20 years of experience in all types of installations, troubleshooting, and repairs.
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In reference to the electrical outage when furnace turns on.

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In reference to the electrical outage when furnace turns on. Does posting this question here let you pick up where it left off?
Hello. Yes, I can pick up where we left off. Still trying to get the hang of this new "offer more" feature. Your patience is much appreciated. Please bear with me.

Jason and other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
It appears I need to have the administrators disable the chat feature for my account, as I am not getting the "offer more" button when I post an answer. I watched a short tutorial on it a couple of times, and it shows a button I should be able to click when I post an answer. However, I'm not getting that button.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Jason,


Sorry it took so long to update you on the issue, but I haven't had a day off work since October 2nd and just didn't have time to work with the breakers or wires.

I did get the issue resolved. There was a bad breaker which I did replace, and I found the open ground to an old model baseboard heater. The heater doesn't work and was on my list to replace, so I just removed it and disconnected it from the breaker box completely. I doubt that had anything to do with the main issue, but figured it couldn't hurt.

After that, I really couldn't get the problem to repeat no matter what I tried, so I think the problem is resolved. But I did go ahead and put the furnace on its own dedicated breaker anyway.

Thank you so much for all the information. I would have never figured this out on my own and was getting quite frustrated.

I am very happy with the help you gave. Thank you again.

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