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Hi, our washer leaked a full load of water on the top floor

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Hi, our washer leaked a full load of water on the top floor of our condo. It started coming though the light fixture in our kitchen. We immediately turned all the lights off then then turn the breakers off for the entire house. This was last night, we cleane up the water I. Our kitchen. It was basically just surface water on the floor and countertops. We drilled a few holes in the ceiling but nothing ever drained from those, this was after it was mostly done draining. We have called all of the electricians that are open today and left messages but haven't heard back yet. When can we turn the power back on? Is the electrical wiring from the entire house exposed to the water? The washer sits directly above the kitchen...
We want to turn the power back on but we're nervous that it's safe. It's been 24 hours since it happened. There isn't any visible damage to the ceiling, it all came through the fixtures and relatively fast (although it seemed like forever at the time) it was probably only 15 minutes.

Legacy Built :

You can turn it back on. If there is a problem then the breakers will let you know and will protect the circuit by tripping off. Unless completely submerged then electrical items don't mind a little water. Only the circuits in the immediate area would have gotten wet so the entire unit's electrical system would not be damaged. There will also likely be no short term consequences electrically. Depending on the type and material of the fixtures it is possible that corrosion will occur over time and may give you some trouble down the line. Honestly, I would worry more about the dampness of the other construction materials causing problems. Electrically you're fine to turn the power back on.

Legacy Built :

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks for using JA!

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